A fish god, or Dagon, commonly worshiped by the Philistines.

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Jesus the Fish God? - The Seed of Abraham

The 'prohibition of graven images in Dt. 4:9-28 is defined more specifically by detailed prohibitions against making 'the likeness of any fish that is in the water under the earth' (v. 18), etc. This excludes fish emblems or representations of fish gods according to the heathen custom.'

By identifying Nimrod with Noah, it would be seen that Noah had been reincarnated,

'as Dagon, that he might bring mankind back again to the blessings they had lost when Nimrod was slain.'
Ancient history tells us that Nimrod set up worship of fire in place of the One True God. It was he who, following in the wicked footsteps of his father, Cush (Gen. 10:8), turned men away from the worship of Yahveh. Men began to worship fire, and be 'purified' by it. The ultimate form of this worship was infant sacrifice. After that, and alongside it, water would become a purifier, hence the Flood as the purifier of Bacchus. With this began the teaching of baptismal regeneration, as Noah passed through the waters of the Flood. Using something that was true (Noah and the Flood), Satan perverted it for his own use (Oannes, the Fish god, etc.).

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    This is based on a dream I had recently, wherein I was deep underwater and a multifaceted fish God spoke to me and revealed many secrets of the future.

    The pagans used the story of Noah emerging from the Flood but gave it their own little twist. Dagon or Oannes was said to originally have been Noah. Noah was said to be transformed or reincarnated as he passed through the flood waters. He was symbolized as a fish god, to lead Man in the 'right way.' And you thought the fish symbol was just some innocent design?