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Zojirushi America EF-VPC40 Fish Roaster, Metallic Gray


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When choosing a fish for grilling, you first want to consider how hearty it is—how well can it stand up to the torture of a live fire. Flaky or delicate fish like flounder or sole won't cut it here. You want thicker fillets or steaks of more sturdy contenders such as:

Since 1998, California Fish Grill has offered a wide variety of fish and seafood from around the world. We receive our seafood daily and check it for quality and freshness before it is ever prepared and served. We are constantly on the lookout for new offerings that keep us on the cutting edge of the global seafood and healthy eating trends. Our menu consists of grilled and fried seafood to satisfy anyone's palate. We also offer wonderful crisp, fresh salads topped with your choice of grilled fish or seafood.

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Where can I find The BBQ Buddy Fish Griller in Melbourne’s shops?

If you have comments about cooking whole fish or grilling whole fish be sure to post them below. I would also like to hear your questions , tips , or suggestions about whole fish.

The first thing you need to do when grilling fish is get both the fish and grill ready. I like to set the grill up for , so that I have the option of moving the fish from a hotter area of the grill to a cooler one, depending on how it's cooking. Generally speaking, I find that starting out over the higher-heat area of the grill is better for whole fish, since,, the fish's skin is less likely to stick to a very hot surface. But if it's a big fish and I find that the skin is nicely charred but the fish hasn't fully cooked through yet, I want to be able to shift it over to the cooler side to finish cooking without the skin burning.