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This information is presented to acquaint sport and commercial fishermen with State laws and rules pertaining to fishing in Hawaii. It is not to be used as a legal document. Failure to include complete statutes or administrative rules in this summary does not relieve persons from abiding by those statutes and rules. Any discrepancies between this summary and the statutes or rules from which it was prepared will be enforced and adjudicated according to the official statutes and rules in effect on the date the activity took place. The full text of the statutes and rules is available for review at most public libraries in the State and at DAR and DOCARE offices. Administrative Rules can also be downloaded from the on this site.

Its not uncommon for a female Wrasse to become a male if her group of fish she is surrounded by is largely female. This ability to change its sex is one of the reasons the Wrasse is the most common Reef fish in Hawaii someone will see when snorkeling.

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    The Rectangular Triggerfish is known in Hawaii as the Humu Humu Nuku Nuku Apua’a. The Rectangular Triggerfish is Hawaii’s state fish! There are over 40 species of Trigger fish that inhabit tropical and subtropical oceans throughout the world. The Average size is between 8-20″.

    CMU & Associates is the largest distributor of fresh and frozen seafood in Hawaii. Tropic Fish Hawaii is one of six companies under CMU & Associates: