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I chose a 25w fish tank heater. I think this is probably the smallest and therefore cheapest you can get, and is often used for small “hospital” fish tanks. I set the thermostat to the lowest setting. My theory is that the heater will be covered in compost so the heat will be retained. We don’t want to “cook” the compost either, just add a little heat to help the microbes.

This page is an ultimate guide to fish tank heaters with pictures, FAQ, forum, and experiences of many fish keepers. It also points to websites that sell heaters online, simply follow to be forwarded to the list of online suppliers! We'd love to hear about your experiences with heaters, so before leaving this page post a comment at the bottom of this page, please! Also visit the following articles: , , .

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As this page is devoted to the purpose and usage of fish tank heaters, and as the market is full of various items, various information and sellers often aim at selling items without explaining all options that a fishkeeper can be given, perhaps the first task is to clarify whether an aquarium requires a heater - or whether it's completely OK to run your fish tank without one. It's a known fact that depending on the species you keep (fish) or grow (plants) one may encounter compatibility issues which we continue to discuss below, so let's start from beginning in order to clarify and cover every possible question.

Generally speaking larger aquariums need more powerful heaters. The smallest aquariums on the market need only some 25 watt heater, but a 300 liter (79.25 US gallons, 65.99 Imperial gallons) tank requires 300 watt or more powerful instead. The size of a fish tank heater does matter and it is also important to understand following: Even a 50 watt heater can heat a 300 liter (79.25 US gallons, 65.99 Imperial gallons) aquarium to a certain level, but the speed how the desired temperature is achieved is very questionable.