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have completed the Fish House in Singapore.

It soon became apparent that people loved seafood, especially when it’s fresh and preparedwell. The homemade clam chowder became famous; there were lots of wonderful recipesand pies made by the family’s grandmother. Business continued to grow and numerousrequests came from guests, for a McGrath’s Fish House in major markets throughout theNorthwest. Teaming up with the local seafood supplier, McGrath’s was able to have freshseafood delivered daily to most any western market.

In 1980, John McGrath opened the first McGrath’sFish House in downtown Salem, Oregon. The family,natives of the Northwest, had grown up fishing andharvesting crab, clams and oysters—so it seemednatural to open a seafood restaurant. With Salemclose to the Oregon coast, there was an abundance of seafood available and no other seafoodrestaurants nearby. So with a shoestring budget, loans from the family, houses mortgagedand an SBA loan from the local bank—the first McGrath’s Fish House opened. The plan wasto serve the freshest seafood at the lowest prices, so everyone could enjoy. And, they did! The restaurant was jammed with guests on the first day, and grew from there.

Description of the Fish House by Guz Architects:

Other fish house regulations include:

Over the years, McGrath’s Fish House has made improvements to the buildings that aremore interesting and appealing, the management team has worked hard to perfect operations,especially service. But the tradition of bringing fresh seafood daily, at the lowest possibleprice remains the same at every McGrath’s Fish House.

Hello... I have a 8'x18' "Newly Remodled"fish house on steel skids for sale, I have had it up at Lake Mille Lacs for 4 years and use it in the summer months as a cabin and in the winter as a fish house. I am looking to upgrade to a RV. Fish house inc...