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This is the only passage in the entire New Testament where we are told that Jesus in fact ATE MEAT. Those who believe in every word of the Bible but who also practice vegetarianism [like the Reformed Adventists for example] explain that Jesus only ate of the HONEY but not of the FISH. They argue that FISH and HONEY should not be combined and that if Jesus ate both together he would have been sick. The problem with this theory is that only a handful of Greek manuscripts actually include the HONEY. Vast majority of the Greek manuscripts have the FISH only. This fact is also reflected in the English translations - where most translators mention FISH only and exclude the honey. [See for example: The Bible for Today, The Moffat Bible, The New American Bible for Catholics, The Jerusalem Bible, The New English Bible, The Living Bible, The New American Standard Bible, New International Version, Good News Bible, Jewish New Testament, Rotherham Emphasized Bible, The Interlinear Greek English New Testament by Marshall, etc.]. All these translators omit HONEY since this is the case with most Greek manuscripts. Therefore it follows that according to most of the Greek manuscripts of Luke and the English versions, the disciples handed FISH to Jesus and he ATE IT while they watched. If this passage is authentic and inspired then no words could justify vegetarianism - unless of course we reject the authority of Jesus and say that he was an impostor. I however, firmly believe that Jesus was not an impostor but rather a promised Prophet and the Messiah - the very Son of God. How then do I explain the passage in question where it is said that the Son of God - as a resurrected and immortal being - actually ATE MEAT? The passage is very simple to explain. It is a FORGERY.

Friends of mine have these beautiful mottos and meditations like “hope” and “Be Still” but at 6am when the sun creeps in the window and I am holding my medically fragile 4 year old suctioning snot out of her stomach through her feeding tube, knowing that my other 6 kids will start stirring in about two hours and I haven’t got to bed yet – Jesus sends me a slightly manic blue animated fish and Jesus floaties.

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Comment: A large school of fish miraculously appears alongside Peter's boat just when Jesus says, "Let down your nets." Some may not view this by itself as a miracle . Yet, David writes: "You have made him to have dominion over the works of Your hands; You have put all thingsunder his feet, all sheep and oxen—even . . . the fish of the sea that pass through the paths of the seas" (). As Creator, Jesus knows where the fish are in the Lake of Gennesaret, a power Peter obviously lacks. Christ, as the sovereign Lord of the earth and its seas, could have commanded thousands of fish to leap onto shore, but He directs them into the man's net. The combination of the precise place, time, and mass of fish following Jesus' instructions qualifies this as a genuine miracle, one witnessed by many.

Likewise, the account of John 21 cannot be correct and Peter with some of his fellow apostles could not have been fishing after Jesus’ resurrection. Jesus did not serve fish to his disciples since that appearance, according to Matthew and Mark never took place. John like Luke says that Jesus’ first appearance took place in the evening of the first day, while the door was locked where the disciples were gathered together. John says that this was the first appearance and that Thomas was not present.