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Frank Gehry is one of America’s best known architects. His award winning designs can be found around the world and have gained him the honor of being called the most significant American architect of our generation. Frank Gehry has a another passion, Fish. Over 25 years ago when Frank was working on a project for Formica, he shattered a sheet of ColorCore laminate. Instead of fretting over the damage, Frank’s creative mind kicked into high gear seeing the shards of colorful plastic as fish scales. Soon he had created a series of Fish Lamps by using metal framework and the ColorCore shards that are treasured works of art traveling from museum to museum. Recently, the 80+ year old architect created a new series of Fish Lamps, once again using ColorCore from Formica. The new pieces are on display at the Gagosian Gallery.

Back in January of this year architect and artist unveiled this striking series of fish lamps at and later in Paris. The glowing fish are constructed from jagged scales of ColorCore formica mounted on a wireframe and are an extension of a series of similar lights first built between 1984 and 1986. The story goes that while working on a commission for Formica back in the 80s Gehry dropped a piece of ColorCore which shattered, inspiring the idea of fish scales. You can see more views over at and on . (via )

frank gehry's fish lamps at the gagosian

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    For this new group of Fish Lamps, he used larger and more jagged shards of ColorCore. Some of the lamps can be fixed vertically against a wall or pole, while others are placed on flat surfaces.

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