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Night fishing lights are not the only thing you need to concentrate on when night fishing. You still need to do proper planning, and familiarize yourself with the right tackle and baits, but using underwater fishing lighting will enhance your night fishing success.

It is true the "food chain" is attracted by night fishing lights but have you ever wondered why game fish have a distinct advantage over the "food chain" when fishing at night? Do you you understand exactly what the "food chain" is? The "food chain" is attracted by the underwater fishing lights but they cannot react quickly enough to escape the game fish.

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There is commercial underwater night fishing lighting that get there power source from a land based systems, but these systems are used primarily by shoreline landowners and will not be discussed here . When looking for a quality underwater fishing light look for the following properties in order,

Fishing at night is a great way to have some great family fun, but to be safe and successful you need to have some under water fishing lights that are durable and safe. The technology has been around for a few years. No ifs, no buts, the bottom line is: underwater fishing lights attract bait fish. Attracting bait fish to your night fishing location is vital to having a successful night fishing trip. Using underwater fishing lights can optimally up your chances for a successful night fishing trip.