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Fish Mate 3000 Pressurized Bio Pond Filter


Fish Mate Pond Filter Bursting and Killing Koi

Poor water quality is invariably the main cause of fish falling sick, hence the importance of suitable pond water filter to keep it at the necessary standard in order to maintain healthy fish. Fish Mate GUV Pond filters work by removing impurities from the pond water making for a clearer garden pond and resulting in benefits for owners and inhabitants.

For finer pond water and easier maintenance of your filter systems, choose a Fish Mate Pressurised Pond Filter, available at a great price from Swell UK.

Fish Mate Pressurised Pond Filters

Replacement Foam for Compact Bio Pond Filters

Fish Mate Replacement Foam for Compact Bio Pond Filters keeps your pond water freshly filtered and crystal clear. This foam is suitable for Fish Mate compact pond filters. Replacement Fish Mate pond filter foam Suitable for all compact Fish Mate pond filters Helps keep pond water crystal clear This media is NOT suitable for pressurized pond filters.

However, i use mine for large aquariums