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Created in the USA by Ninemile Fishing Company, the Original Rodrule fish ruler allow Sportsmen and Women to measure their fish quickly and accurately. Ideal for those practicing catch & release, the rodrule fishing rulers eliminate stumbling through good fishing water in search of a spot to lay down your catch for a ruler measurement. Simply hold your fish next to your fishing rod and measure against the ruler. It is that easy! With a Rodrule fishing rod ruler there is no more fumbling for a tape measure while wishing you had that third hand. Your fish measuring tape is right on your fishing rod!

The JR Guide is the little brother to ‘s Guide Net. This hardy net comes with a rubber net bag and built-in fish measuring tape, handy for avoiding excessive fish handling and decreasing mortality. The JR Guide Net measures fish up to 36-inches. The extra handle length also makes this a great boat net.

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