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Rapala Adhesive Fish Ruler 36 inch


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The optimum application temperature range is between 50f - 75f degrees. Before you start to apply your fishing tape measure you will first need to clean the surface of your fishing rod with a mild soap & water solution. It is best if you secure your rod horizontally to a table top to prevent from moving during application, masking tape works well for this.

Figure out where you want to position the rod ruler on your fishing rod. Determine whether you wish to use the whole 36 inches or if you want to cut down to a smaller size. Use a sharp scissors or a razor blade to cut your fishing tape measure to length.

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    In carrying out these and other objects of the invention, there is provided, in one form, a fish measuring device having a fish support surface with a length and a first and second end. A stop exists at the first end to prevent movement of a fish beyond the first end. At least two fish restraining members are provided along the length of the fish support surface adapted to partially enclose an interior space with the fish support surface. Finally, a passage is present between the two fish restraining members to permit a fish to be brought into the interior space.

    It is yet another object of the invention to provide a fish measuring device which has no moving parts, may be easily manufactured, is low in weight and is small and portable.