Carved wood and 3D Fish Mosaic Panel

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Ceramic saltwater fish pool mosaics

Like a fisherman who waits all day for a sniff of excitement before reeling in a whopper, Nice Fish takes most of its 90 minutes running time before coming good.

What I like most about making the Bottle Cap fish mosaics is that the overlapping texture of the caps does such a good job of representing scales. Each cap is sorted by brand or color, washed, dried, punched, partially crimped and finally nailed in overlapping scales to create a feeling of depth, light and shadow. Decorative nail heads emulate the texture of seed beads often used to reinforce the sequins on flags. Even the smaller fish require hundreds of caps to complete.

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Artist John T. Unger always has a fresh take on things. This fish mosaic made from upcycled Labatt Blue and Michelob Ultra bottle caps would make a fine addition to any eco-conscious bachelor pad. Mr. Unger primes the plywood with two layers of Kilz primer so the piece can be hung outdoors (watch-it… caps will fade if you hang it in direct sunlight). The fins and tale are cut from recycled roofing copper. No word on whether artist, John T. Unger had any help drinking all that beer.

I love doing fish in mosaic because they’re so well suited to the medium… the tiny tesserae (cut glass bits) give the impression of scales. The iridescent glass creates a highly realistic shimmer on the surface of these fish. When light moves across them, they look almost real.