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Big Fish

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Fish Tales

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Big Fish

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The latest from Sono explores one simple man's search for balance alongside the gritty realism of the world of serial killers, making Cold Fish a movie that you won't soon forget.

Though I’m not much of a horror genre fan, the premiere of Piranha 3DD got me thinking about fish in movies. The sea has, after all, always been one of the greatest mysteries, and so it is a natural source for producing creative thought in movies, TV, and literature. Focusing on the former, the big screen can show us what goes on in the deep ocean – or, what we imagine occurs. These are some of my favorite films that star creatures of the great unknown.

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  • "The Host" - The 2006 Korean horror movie "The Host" revolves around a gigantic killer fish terrorizing a town. Toxic chemicals get dumped into Seoul's River Han creating a huge mutant fish that can swim and run on dry land. One peaceful day the killer fish emerges from the water and starts ripping people to shreds. The movie follows snack shack owner Park Hee-bong and his family. Park Hee-bong's granddaughter gets snatched by the mutant, and they go on a rescue mission to save her from the sewers. One of the best killer fish movies because it is a horror comedy, and has some great comedic moments.
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    , piranha's and mutants all terrorize bodies of water in the 5 best killer fish movies. All the movies start the same, with a peaceful atmosphere before killer fish suddenly start chomping away at people. The killer fish usually have super strength and abilities due to chemical toxins mutating their DNA. A surprise attack by mutants is highly unlikely in real life, but the best killer fish movies can always put the idea in your mind that it could be possible.

    Piranha 2, The Spawning (1982)- is hands down the best killer fish movie ever made. Why is it so good? There are giant piranhas, the giant piranhas fly, the giant-flying piranhas can breath on land, and to top it off, the film also boasts Lance Henrickson (Aliens, Pumpkin Head, Man's Best Friend..) who plays "Steve" a really cool cop with a boat! He has friends who throw dynamite at him for a joke! The fish are the result of a top secret US military experiment, of course! Excellent!! *****