Comments about Western U.S. Fishing Maps:

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Fish N Map Pend Oreille, ID | Sportsman's Warehouse

Nebraska Fishing Maps by Fishing Hot Spots are superb maps showing the lake bottoms for hundreds of lakes and rivers across the USA. These maps are printed on either kimdura or Hop-syn (both tear-resistent waterproof synthetic materials), making them nearly indestructible. The maps show lake bottom contours, shoreline features, roads leading to the lakes, boating facilities along the lake shore, and much more.

1. Lake Powell North and Lake Powell South (Fish n Map Co.). These two companion waterproof foldout maps show the entire lake at a decent scale (1.25 inches per mile—much more detailed than the Jones/Ward map, which is 0.375 inches per mile). It has 50-foot contour intervals, and is useful as a hiking map if you’re near the lake. This is available at the marina, and is worth picking up if you plan to do any real exploring in the canyons, and want to stay oriented—better than the Jones map for this purpose.

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  • Public Fishing Rights Maps - Maps for Public Fishing Rights on selected waters in the state (DEC Regions 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9).
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    The best map for boaters and anglers is “Dworshak Reservoir” by Fish n Map Co., printed on waterproof plastic with fishing and boating info updated this year. It’s available in downtown Spokane from Northwest Map and Travel, 455-6981.