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The reef triggerfish was originally designated the official fish of Hawaii in 1985, but due to an expiration of a Hawaiian state law after five years, it ceased to be the in 1990. On April 17, 2006, bill HB1982 was presented to the , which permanently reinstated the reef triggerfish (humuhumunukunukuapuaa) as the state fish of Hawaii. The bill passed into law on May 2, 2006, and was effective upon its approval.

In 1985 the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (humuhumu for short) was assigned as the official state fish of Hawai’i on a five year trial basis. Five years later in 1990 there was no action taken either way and it was forgotten about. In 2006 the Humuhumu was reinstated and permanently named Hawaii’s state fish.

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     Billfish of Hawaii

  • Striped Marlin

  • Blue Marlin

  • Spearfish

  • Sailfish

  • Black Marlin

Other Hawaiian Gamefish

  • Mahi-mahi

  • Ono

  • Ahi

  • Aku

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If you think you’ve seen everything there is to see on land, you should consider taking your next adventure under the sea. Find yourself inspired when you witness first-hand the colorful corals that populate the ocean floor, watch the bright yellow tang swimming beside rainbow runners, and see and swim along with the state fish of Hawaii: the humuhumunukunukuapuaa.

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