Fishes of Texas Aplodinotus grunniens

Freshwater Fishes of Texas: A Guide to Game Fishes


Fishes of Texas - Ictiobus cyprinellus

Freshwater Fishes of Texas by Author Joe Tomelleri and Craig Springer. Anglers and naturalists alike will want to use this handy field guide to identify any freshwater fish in Texas likely to be caught on hook-and-line. The noted diagnostic characters and beautiful color illustrations will prove an indispensable aid for identification. Included are notes on preferred habitat, geographical distribution and favorite baits for landing each species.

In Texas, the Llano River project aims to protect and improve aquatic habitats of the Guadalupe bass, the State Fish of Texas. By rallying support around this popular yet imperiled species, the project is bringing together a wide range of partners to conserve the entire Llano watershed, including tributary streams that feed into it, as well as the upland hills and riparian riverbanks that affect water quality.

Fishes of Texas - Lepomis marginatus

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