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Koolscapes 270 Gallon Pond Kit with Lighting


Many well-intentioned people introduce fish to ponds, ..

Koi Fish Ponds bring with them a sense of tranquility that will literally transform your outdoor decor into one that everyone will love to see. Creating one or bringing one into your landscape will give you the look and piece of mind knowing that the greatest spectacle really can be brought into your very own home. To help you get the best out of any ideas that you may have considered for giving your landscape the TLC that has been lacking, the following article on the 7 Most Breathtaking Koi...

Now fish ponds can be safe for kids with an average depth of 18 inches. Shallow enough for a child to stand in; garden ponds are the perfect addition to any yard.

Fish ponds are also being promoted in developing countries.

Garden ponds and fish ponds vary greatly and depend fully on the type of fish, plants or wildlife you would like to attract to your pond. From natural garden ponds and fish ponds to formal garden ponds Aquajoy can build any size of pond to suit your individual requirements. We can include natural stone waterfalls, pebble beach's  to fountains. Ponds can be completely naturally planted or filtered fish ponds with ultra violet clarifiers or a mix of both.


Some of the main stages of building a garden pond


Garden ponds and fish ponds can include waterfalls, heron fences, lights, pebble beeches/pebble pools to streams and fountains the list is endless.

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Where can I buy fish for ponds in Minnesota?

Have a backyard paradise or looking to create one? We have the knowledge and products to make you successful at building, maintaining and enjoying your water gardens, koi and fish ponds, water features and pondless waterfalls.

Some pond owners like to stock fathead minnows (1,000 per acre) as a forage fish in channel catfish ponds. These minnows are quickly eliminated if stocked with bass.
In some ponds if the mountain regions of South Carolina rainbow trout will survive in ponds during late autumn and winter. They should be stocked when water temperatures are below 65° F (usually mid to late October). Fingerlings (7-9 inches long) feed on insect larvae, small sunfish, or minnows, and they grow rapidly. Trout readily accept commercial feeds and may reach one pound by April if offered a trout chow. Rainbow trout die when water temperatures reach 70-72° F in April or May.