a fish with poop hanging from his butt

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What does this in coldwater for say fish poop and waste

If, in a few years, you are suddenly overcome with a sense that there's something fishy about the lettuce in your salad, you might be on to something. There's a chance it was grown with fish poop.

Summer unofficially ends on Labor Day, a time when many trek to the beach to lay out on—if you’re lucky—luxurious white sands. But while you’re enjoying the feeling of the sand on your feet, just remember: Much of that sand is actually made up of fish poop.

Many White Sand Beaches Are Basically Fish Poop

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  • When the World’s Biggest Fish Poops | WIRED

    To find out, he's set up an experiment where he feeds dried food waste from a student cafeteria to fish in freshwater tanks and uses the fish poop to grow Boston Bibb lettuce.

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    Ok, so nature always has a "clean up crew". Ravens eat roadkill, etc. What does this in coldwater for say fish poop and waste? There must be something to keep bottom clean?...