African Tiger Fish Replica by Luke Filmer

Handpainted Large Mouth Bass Wall Mount Decor Plaque Game Fish Replica 18"


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At Replicas Inc., we offer the highest quality fish reproductions. We create a fish replica with characteristics that match the actual fish you caught as closely as possible, we do not merely render a generic representation. We are not a high volume production studio, we are artists. We take time and care with each and every fish replica, making sure that it is not only a fish replica that commemorates your special memory, it is a work of art that you will cherish, enjoy, and be proud to display.

When only the best will do, fish artist Luke Filmer is known for creating incredibly realistic fiberglass fish replicas and fish art sculptures. Luke’s passion and knowledge of his subjects are clearly reflected in each fish sculpture. These are original paintings and considered fine art. These art pieces are multi-dimensional displays of salmon replicas, steelhead replicas, rainbow trout replicas, as well as largemouth bass or saltwater fish replicas. Please note this is not fish taxidermy. Please visit our and page for more information on how to customize one of these fish replica sculptures for your home, office, fine art gallery, or commercial location. Thank You!

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  • Red Snapper 34R inch Full Mount Fiberglass Fish Replica
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  • Northern Pike 47 inch fiberglass fish mount replica
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  • Red Snapper 30L inch Full Mount Fiberglass Fish Replica
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  • Grouper, 50 inch Gag Full mount fiberglass fish replica
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  • Mahi Mahi 72 full mount fiberglass fish replica
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The Fish Mount Store - Full body and half sided fish Replicas

Our client enjoys original fine art and appreciates the knowledge and artistry that goes into each of these custom fiberglass fish replicas. Please take the time to view the variety of fish art sculpture images below. Note their specific colorations and the unique background styles designed for each fish replica art piece. These are original works of art, not fish taxidermy. For more information on how to order a custom fiberglass fish replica, please access our page.

Fibertech Productions, located just north of Brainerd, MN, specializes in fiberglass carbon-graphite fish reproductions mounts. Fish replica mounts made of fiberglass and graphite are a great way to mount your trophy fish and decorate your home, office, restaurant or coffee shop.