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Scientists in Britain are set to find out the pollution in the seas by sending out a shoal of robotic fish into the sea off Spain. The fish will be around 1.5 metres long and will resemble carp. They will be fitted with detectors that can identify the sources of pollution like ship fuel or other chemicals. These fish robots will have an eight-hour battery and won’t require remote control. They will be released in 18 months. This is a three-year joint project between engineering consultancy BMT Group and researchers at Essex University.

Since the new fish robot is self-contained, it does need some hard parts inside its soft body. The "brains" of the fish, or all of its rigid pieces of hardware, are stored at the head, while the robot's lower half and tail are more pliable, the researchers explained. The team used a to make the molds for casting the fish's silicone rubber parts.

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