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Carib Sea ACS05821 Tahitian Moon Sand for Aquarium, 5-Pound


Bay fishing Sand Perch,Jack (artificial worm)

The benefits of a sand bed typically outweigh most of the negative aspects. Most fish seem to prefer sand as the substrate, and some actually require it to feel at ease and for natural spawning behaviour. Tanganyikan featherfins, sandsifters & shelldwellers all significantly benefit from a sandy substrate, and it’s been noted that some fish use sand to aid in digestion. Sand also has a very nice, smooth look and it’s very entertaining to watch the fish "work the sand"; they really seem to enjoy it!

There are many other benefits for using aquarium sand especially for aquariums. Most fish prefer our sand as their environment surroundings, and some actually require it to feel at ease and for natural breeding behavior. Some fish use sand to help with their digestion. Our aquarium sand also has a very nice, smooth look and it is fun to watch the fish play in the sand that they enjoy so much. Aquarium sand is perfect for soft belly fish like sharks and stingrays. If you have sand sifters like Brittle Starfish, Serpent Starfish, Sea Cucumbers and other detritivores look for our , which is used to remove toxic wastes from saltwater aquarium tanks. Live sand helps speed the natural nitrogen cycle of aquariums thereby allowing faster introduction of livestock

Bass Fishing Sand Pit 2016 Fishing Trip #2

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  • then top with the rest of the cookie crumbs to resemble sand

    While me and my youngest son was creating this fish sand sculpture lots of people where taking pictures from Skegness Pier while we were working on it, so this picture might not be the only one floating around on the Internet :-)