fish scale pattern siding in gables

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Adding an alternate type of siding in a small, strategic area in the front can improve the look of the home. By adding fish scale siding or a shake siding accent on a wood exterior face or over the garage gable, you can transform the home’s first impression from ordinary to extraordinary.

The fish scale siding all needed to be replaced. Unfortunately, the pre made pieces are quite expensive so Rick made ours out of OSB siding. Each 4′ X 8′ sheet was cut in to strips, then the strips cut in to squares, then each square had to have the corners cut at 45 degree angles. This was a long and tedious process that was then followed by nailing each piece on individually.

Vinyl Siding Shapes, Rounds and Fishscale

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Shapes offer exciting possibilities for adding style, ..

Most rooflines we see that use fishscale siding are triangular, but we just added more of a shed dormer, and I am wondering if I can do fishscale siding above the windows, since it would go with the era of the home.

Our last small house in the Gallery is a cute (what I like to call ‘Grandma’ house) of slate grey and white. Notice the fish scale siding in the gable on the left. I’ll get you a bigger view of that in a minute. I like the transom over the front door for added light. And of course, who can resist the white picket fence?