Stop fishing sharks, dive with them!

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Fishing has traditionally been a way for mankind to nourish itself. Today, fishing has taken on more of a recreational atmosphere for some. There are fishermen that have discovered a way to keep their feet firmly planted on the shore while reeling in large and powerful sharks largely for the thrill of the fight. Here is how to fish for shark.

Few fish would dare swim near a shark in fear of becoming their next meal. Yet the pilot fish form mutualistic symbiotic team relationships with sharks. Pilot fish follow sharks and get protection from their predators since other animals which might eat the pilot fish will not come near a shark. In return, sharks do not eat them because the pilot fish eat parasites which feed off sharks, keeping the sharks healthy.

The spiny dogfish, spurdog, mud shark, or piked dogfish ..

  • Never fish for sharks alone.
  • Keep your sharks and rays with larger semi-aggressive fish.

    Each state has different game laws. Although Texas law allows an angler to keep one shark over 24″ a day, we encourage anglers to practice catch and release fishing for shark species. Successful catch and release fishing requires teamwork and organization to quickly get a shark back into the water. Ninety-eight percent of the sharks seen here are released. If you decide to keep one, we will respect your decision.

    Sharks are a key species in the survival of everything in the ocean. The clean up crew, sharks kill off and eat the weak and dying to ensure the survival of a species and to separate the sick from the healthy. Although we fish for sharks and have a lot of fun catching them, sharks are released unharmed.