Fish Skull Anchovie “Emperor Nelson”

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Every package contains 10 Fish Skulls and the eyes, which you just fix with a small spot of super glue on each side. I like to “pimp” the Fish Skulls with other eyes, like fluo eyes.

The biggest weight of the Fish Skulls is on the lower part, which works like a keel, so the fly always swims straight. That’s the reason, why it’s really easy to tie up side down patterns, just switch the head.

Flymen Fishing Fish Skull Sculpin Helmet

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    Coho and Chinook salmon love to eat a variety of baitfish. In this video Barrett ties an anchovy pattern with a fish skull to add weight and profile. Numerous variations of this pattern would be effective.–CD

    This is the skull of a Horse Face Catfish that I prepared nearly 12 years ago. At the time this was the most complete catfish or fish skull I had ever prepared. Still looks very nice now even years after prep.