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Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load Smoker


Yay! You're now following fish smoker in your .

Due to the closed Jet Smoke system, the fish smoking machine uses the generated smoke in the most efficient way possible. This means that the fish smoker has emission levels equal to and even below industry standards. This also helps reduce the amount of smoking product required by upto 40% against other open systems.

The Jet Smoke fish smoker is available in three different models with each model being suited to a different sized customer, so please do take a look at the other two models and .

How to smoke fish with a fish smoker - YouTube

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What TIII said, put the box over your Big Chief, it makes a world of difference.
It's in the hole!

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The JS H-2250/1 fish smoker is capable of smoking in a variety of way, whether that be hot smoking, cold smoking ro intense smoking, this commercial fish smoking machine can do the job.

The fish smoker has a built in smoke generator which produces smoke for the horizontal air circulation system to pass over and under the product in a lying position. The fish smoker is designed mostly to smoke fish, however it can also be used to smoke poultry and milk products.