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Eagle Claw Fish 5 Prong Spear


Living Afield - Making a fish spear

For another Shilluk fishing spear with the same type of metallic weave handle grip, see 1961.9.7; this is combined with a different style of spearhead and is much lighter. For similar spearheads see 1942.8.61 and 1979.20.109 from the Dinka Tuich, and J. Ryle, 1982,

Yámana (Yahgan) fish spear
ca. 1920
Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina
Beech wood shaft, whale bone, seal hide
311 x 4 cm
Collected by Samuel K. Lothrop

A fish spear is nothing more than a spear with multiple points

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Wilderness Survival - Fish Spears

This fishing spear is from Zaire, probably Mangbetu, early to mid 20 C. 6 ½ inches blade forged with a step central line together with a 9 inches socket with two pairs of back spikes finely forged with the socket. The haft is wood and the tip bound with iron bands. Total length 58 inches. Very good condition. Original age patina on the wood haft.

If you are in North America you will likely find bamboo scarce, but in an emergency situation any type of narrow straight wood rod that is not to dead and brittle. Below are some great examples of fish spears used BCE (Before the Common Era), and into or modern world by primitive peoples.