Skip the freezer aisle and make Giada's Parmesan Fish Sticks.

33' Electric Fiberglass Wire Pull Rods Fish Tape


Here’s how the fish sticks look frozen right out of the package…

When I saw this post on my feed I laughed out loud, because I knew after all the “fish stick” talk last week you would come up with a great recipe!
I am so glad you did too, I always thought it was ground up fish..whoda thought?!
Def gonna make these this spring!

Homemade Corn Flakes Fish Sticks are on the menu in our Weekly Meal Plan- Peggy Sue’s Diner. Let The Organized Cook do the planning and organization for you in this meal plan including menu, grocery shopping list, recipes and easy-to-follow instructions. .

how do you cook this fish stick? it wasn’t mention in the article.

  • 4. Place on a plate until all of the fish sticks are lightly coated.
  • Here’s a cross-section cut of one of the Ultimate Fish Sticks…

    It’s not surprising that fish sticks made with better quality ingredients cost more than highly processed and preserved store bought fish sticks, but they’re actually more affordable than you might expect (scroll down for details).

    Wait just a second before you come down on us for feeding kids fish sticks. We’re proponents of feeding kids real foods, not just dummied-down versions of real foods. But when you think about it, how much more real does it get than fish, bread crumbs, and lemon? (Okay, and maybe a little ketchup— or , it’s up to you.)