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Genuine TERAPUMP Aquarium Cleaner Aquarium Fish Tank Gravel Sand Cleaner with Long Nozzle N Water Flow Controller - BPA Free (model: TRFTCLN)


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Fish tanks need cleaning regularly, and Pets at Home stocks a complete range of equipment to make life easier for you. Choose from cleaning pads, protein skimmers, syphoning equipment, algae magnets and more.

Leave no detail to chance when maintaining your aquarium. Fish tank cleaner can also include substrate vacuuming solutions which allow you to address substrate debris without removing them. Some pet parents choose a magnetic fish tank cleaner that allows you to clean your tank without getting your hands wet. Whether you're maintaining a garden pond, freshwater aquarium or reef tank, utilize the tools and fish tank cleaner designed for aquarium maintenance to sustain the beauty and elegance of your aquarium or pond.

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Eliminate problems of waste, slime and build up -- The challenges commonly associated with tank maintenance. The new Bioverse Healthy Tanks treatment attacks and removes the unwanted organic matter in the tank.

  • Natural Alternative to Chemicals
  • 100% Safe for Fish and Plant Life
  • For Fresh and Saltwater Tanks
  • Treats up to 50 Gallons of Water
  • Improves Water Quality and Clarity
  • Works with Existing Filtration System
  • For Best Results Start with Clean Tank

With Healthy Tanks all-natural fish tank cleaner, just apply it once a month and then forget about it!

"I just wanted to let you know that this product is fantastic. My 48 gallon saltwater reef tank was taken over by green and brown algae. The pet store here could not help me with the problem. I found you on the internet and for $18.00 I fixed the problem. This stuff cleared my tank 75% in less than 24 hrs. The pet shop says that I better be careful but I trust in what you advertise. Wish I had found you sooner, I lost all of my corals, several hundreds of dollars worth. I will inform all my friends about your product and will keep using it myself!!" Thanks, Paul


Maintain the beauty of your aquarium as well as the health and vitality of your fish with adequate fish tank cleaner available at Petco. Proper aquarium maintenance will keep your tank looking great and your fish feeling great. Whether you have a 90-gallon saltwater tank or a 25-gallon fresh water tank, it's important that you use the right aquarium maintenance supplies to keep it spotless. Fish tank care varies as each type of aquarium varies, and necessitate regular use of filter media, aquarium water changers, and other aquarium cleaners. It can be tempting to use household agents to freshen your aquarium, but it's important that you use the proper fish tank cleaner as they're made specifically for removing mineral deposits in and outside of your aquarium without harming your fish.

Filters help keep fish tank water clean, but they also need cleaning themselves. Some filters contain disposable cartridges; other filters contain permanent fittings, such as sponges, rotating wheels or ceramic noodles.