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Pure Water Pebbles Aquarium Gravel, 5-Pound, Turquoise


Aquarium Gravel - Fish Tank Decorations | Pure Water Pebbles

Aquarium stones can also create a perfect surface area for good bacteria necessary to provide the right chemical balance within your pet’s underwater home. On the other hand, aquarium pebbles also require more cleaning because they can create the perfect place for waste and uneaten fish food buildup. Some pet parents combat this problem by filling in space between fish stones with sand. In additional to their authentic aesthetic, aquarium stones are also gentler on your pet’s fins and scales. As they wear down, fish tank pebbles are able to maintain their smooth texture, so you don’t have to worry about monitoring for sharp edges. You can also use fish tank stones within a pond, if you want to create a smooth riverbed like floor for your water’s residents.

Shop for aquarium stones and pebbles at Petco and discover a natural and easy way to clean substrate for your pets. Although fish tank stones are usually found in turtle terrariums, they are also well suited for marine or freshwater habitats. Some pet parents like combining textures by using a blend of small aquarium pebbles and larger stones. You can also choose one specific type of aquarium stone to create an environment very similar to the kind they’d experience in their natural habitat. Because of their size, aquarium stones can’t travel up tubes during water changes. If you are using live plants, Fish tank pebbles can also provide them with a natural substrate to root into. Just make sure your plants are suitable for a freshwater environment and pick up any nutrients or additives necessary to keep them thriving within your choice of aquarium pebbles. Because of their weight, aquarium pebbles can also make great anchors for plastic plants and other décor, so you can build a secure environment for less aggressive fish.

Fish Tank Gravel | Pure Water Pebbles

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    Aquarium Gravel Black Glass Fish Tank Pebbles Decorations 1Kg Stone Accessories 1kg Black Glass Pebbles Approx 165 Pebbles Size 12-23mm Exactly as Pictured Brand New1kg Black Glass Pebbles Approx 165 ...
  • Fish Tank Gravel for Fresh water and saltwater aquariums