What Does the Term Fish Tape Mean?

Klein Tools 56001 Depth Finder with High Strength 1/8-Inch Wide Steel Fish Tape, 50-Foot Length


Facom 629896 - 50m Nylon Coated Steel Fish Tape Wire Puller

Flat steel tape reaches easily above ceilings, under carpets, and through walls to install wire. 25' (7.6 m) long, extending your reach where a traditional fish tape can't.

What's fish tape? It's not really tape. It doesn't have much to do with fish. So what is it? It's a thin length of nylon, steel or fiberglass wire designed to be fed through confined spaces and wall cavities, to pull the guide string of cables through pipes and cable runs. Why is it called "fish tape"? Well, apparently you have to "fish" the tape through the run first before running the cables. Yeah, it could probably use a better name...

We have a wide selection of fish tape to aid your cable puller, from top brands like Greenlee, IDEAL and Klein Tools. Here's where you'll also find fish tape repair accessories, and other fishing and pulling aids, such as tracers and conduit measuring tape.

Yay! You're now following fish tapes in your .

  • Orange polypropylene case and handle prevent damage from accidental drops or jobsite wear and tear
  • Raised finger grips give you better gripping power to more efficiently unwind and feed fish tape
  • Sloped handle optimizes the position of your hand for more comfortable usage and maneuvering
  • Descending 1” markings are permanently etched into the steel fish tape, so they won't fade or rub off
  • Available in various lengths to suit many different applications
  • Fish tape accepts optional 13-1/2" wound steel flexible leader or swivel ball end
  • High-visibility orange color makes fish tape case easy to spot on the jobsite

1. Manually feed the fish tape through the conduit.

50' fish tape is specially designed for general work, not wet conditions or where live circuits could be damaged. Made of carbon steel with a tensile strength of 1600 lbs.

240' long specially designed fish tape for wet job conditions as well as rough edge conduit. This tape is durable and tough enough for most rough job site conditions.