Swedish fish as treats (bears eat fish).

Tetra 16194 Bloodworms, 0.28-Ounce, 100-Ml


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I ordered these when the mullet wasn’t available. Excellent and nourishing alternative as a fish treat. They are quite quickly eaten but the dogs will do anything for them!

Thanks for the tip. We are looking at doing this, especially now we are the largest stockist of fish treats in Australia. We will look at adding an extra category for cats for which ones we believe would also suit cats. Again, appreciate the feedback.

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Just as you would not remain healthy eating only junk food we feel that a quality well balanced fish food is a basic requirement for any pond. Stick with name brand foods as they offer the best value and selection and are manufactured with guaranteed analysis. Microbelift Legacy Pond food is again our number one seller. This food contains probiotics which make it easier for the fish to digest it and easier for the "beneficial" bacteria to remove the waste. The containers have screw-on lids for freshness and to keep out predators. We are fully stocked this year with Saki-Hikari the ultra premium food from Japan. The Grand champions from Japan are fed this food for maximum color and growth. If you really want to spoil your Koi, give them Saki-Hikari. We also carry the complete line of Blackwater Pond Food, the number one fish food in the UK, as well as Tetra Pond sticks, Sho Koi, Blue Ridge, Chengro and others. No matter what brand you prefer, start with a wheat germ food for your fish for a couple of weeks and then switch to a high protein food. Don't over feed your fish. It helps contribute to algae and water quality problems. Only feed them what they can eat in 3-5 minutes. It is better to feed them several small meals than one big one. Fish Treats are always fun for both you and your fish. Laguna has brought them out in Orange and Lemon flavor.

I decided to go through all the fish treats on offer and from there decide which 2 or 3 are the best to get all the time. My girl is a choc lab and I found the fish jerky to be a good size and chunky, so great for her to chow down on. I think it will go on the list.