The fish are then sold as salted dry or canned. []

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Legends tell that Fishes could fulfill our wishes.

While a definite meaning for the number seven is not known, some families eat as many as 13 types of fish. As few as three can be consumed, too.

The number of fish eaten represents different things for each family. Those who eat seven fishes are representing the seven deadly sins, the creation story, the seven sacraments or the seven virtues of Christian theology: hope, fortitude, charity, faith, temperance, prudence, and justice.

7art Tropical Fish screensaver brings you 38 magical Fish images.

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  • Wish on a Fish and take Delight in its Light!

    Indian glassy fish has a transparent body. These fish are artificially colored. There are blue, cyan, green, pink colors. The color fades in six months.

    Some families make , a seafood stew that can have has many as seven fishes in one bowl. There’s no rule about how the fish can be eaten. While some people might consume the fishes in one fish, others eat them separately, whether it be baked, steamed or fried.