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Basic Fishing: A Beginner’s Guide


Sorry, you missed Orvis Fly Fishing 101 at Orvis Company Store.

Welcome to Crappie Fishing 101. My name is Lonnie Sallas and in this blog I will try to reveal some proven Crappie catching techniques that I have learned over the years. I have been Crappie fishing as long as I can remember, and have learned more than my share of tricks along the way.

Deep Sea Fishing 101 is what I call my first time out. Over the years I had strolled through many marinas, watching the charter boats come in, enviously looking on as the lucky fishermen posed beside their catch. This year I decided to take the plunge. While in Maui, I agreed into sharing a 6 hour charter with three friends, one being a woman non-fisher(at half price). I had some concerns as my fishing experience was limited to 12-foot boats. This was the big leagues; reels the size of SUVs and a fighting chair. But the charter guy said we needed no experience to fish the big water. The only rules were to bring our own food and drink, and don’t bring bananas aboard (a superstition to do with rotting fruit).

Sorry, you missed Orvis Fly Fishing 101 at Orvis Company Store.

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  • You missed Orvis Fly Fishing 101 at Orvis Company Store.

    Ever seen A River Runs Through It? Or met someone who is simply crazy about fly fishing – a real fly fishing addict? Ever thought, Well, this is your chance to find out what all the excitement is about. Fly Fishing 101 is a survey of our sport, an informative, hands-on stream-side introduction into the world of fly fishing and fly casting. It is fun, low pressure, and makes a great starter class or review for rusty anglers.

    Surely most bass anglers have heard the term “junk fishing” and no, it does not mean fishing around trash or junk that washes up on the shore. Rather, it is a method of catching bass using a variety of different baits with no set pattern. The post spawn time of year is when this method of fishing often works best since bass are likely to be found in a wide variety of situations; some are shallow, some have moved deep and some are in between but there is not enough of each to put together a solid pattern that holds up – thus the need to throw everything and the kitchen sink at them to get enough bites to have a good day. This is a true test of versatility, instinct and the ability to gamble to get a few bites…so get ready to string a couple extra rods because this is…junk fishing 101.