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There are over 42 varieties of fresh water fish in rivers, lakes and streams of Alabama. The Large Mouth Bass is the Official fresh water fish of the state. Big Rivers and reservoirs are the main places that are being fished but if you want to do some fishing off the beaten path you have hundreds of streams creeks and ponds to choose from. There have been many fish records set and broken by people fishing in Alabama. Below under species you will find a list of ten of the most popular

A lot of anglers prefer Deep Sea fishing in Alabama waters on the Gulf of Mexico. The access points for these excursions are mobile and Perido Bays. The brackish waterways are also excellent spots for fishing in Alabama. The mixture of salt and fresh water allows both ocean dwellers and the denizens of the fresh water rivers to coexist. They are located in both the upper and lower Mobile Bay and travel all the way from the Mississippi Sound’s Grand Bay on the West Coast to Perido Bay. Perido is in orange Beach, Alabama on the lower East Coast. There are more than one hundred game species of game fish being caught regularly in the gulf waters off the shores of Alabama.

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The American eel is a fish that lives inland but breeds in the ocean. Animals that may be confused with the American eel include lamprey (fish) and the one-toed amphiuma (amphibian).

The creek chub is more common is small headwater streams.  It is an omnivore, it will eat plant or animal material.

Golden redhorse are most likely found in smaller streams like at Tannehill during spawning runs or as juvenile fish.  They are one of the larger redhorse suckers.
Warmouth are a type of sunfish more likely to be found around vegetation and stumps than open water.

Redeye bass are a type of black bass that likes cooler streams.  They do not alway have red eyes, but their fins have white margins.

Spotted bass in the upper Mobile basin have been described by scientists as a separate species.  They are proposing that these fish be called "Alabama bass."

Largemouth bass is the official State Freshwater Fish of Alabama.  It is also our most popular gamefish.  A State-Fish art contest is held every year, and the largemouth bass is a popular subject.

The redspot darter is another colorful bottom dwelling fish.

The Official Freshwater Fish of Alabama is the Largemouth Bass

It is unlawful to sell or purchase any game fish from Alabama or in Alabama from another state except (1) game fish raised in hatcheries and sold for stocking ponds and lakes; (2) non-native game fish (trout, salmon, etc.) raised for human consumption or (3) largemouth bass, shellcracker, yellow perch and bluegill bream raised in farm ponds, which may be sold under permit from the Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries Division. Contact your local District Office.

Alabama has 47 man made reservoirs. These cover more than 550 acres (2.0km). They are on 551,221 acres of land and are stocked by the fish and game commission. You can also go fishing in Alabama in one of its 23 public lakes. It also has 77,000miles of streams and rivers. The mobile Delta is a part of that river system. You might want to fish the gulf of Mexico or from any point on the over 60 miles of shoreline. There are all types of waterways to go fishing in Alabama in. the choice is yours.