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Fishing beads for your walleye spinners, crawler harnesses, live bait rigs, and other uses. We have many different sizes of lure beads from the smallest 3mm round bead up to the largest 12mm faceted beads. We also have other specialty beads and lure making supplies. Check out our round plastic lure beads that have eyes on them. There is no doubt eyes on fishing lures attract fish. Put one of these fishing beads at the front of your bead group on your walleye rigs and see for yourself if it makes a difference. If you want you can try some of our 19mm long minnow style beads that have eyes on those. They come in several neat colors including glow in the dark, fish scale patterns, transparent shads etc. We offer styles and sizes for even the biggest lake Erie walleye spinner rigs. We are always expanding our selection of lure making supplies for walleye.

Late summer in Alaska has all of my angling buddies and I excited for the pursuit of trophy size wild rainbow trout and char. We are anxious to get our beads out during the peak of the salmon spawn with high hopes for catching some enormous size trout. Fishing beads with a fly rod is not something new. Beads have been and continue to be a very popular method among many experienced trout fisherman and professional guides in Alaska because it is incredibly effective. The technique of “pegging” a bead is easy to learn and simple to employ, however there are a few important aspects anglers new to this method of fishing should be familiar with in order to make best use of this system of fishing. This article is intended to introduce anglers who are unfamiliar with bead fishing and will focus on the basics in order to get an angler started on their way to using this efficient system of fishing and increasing their catch rates of beautiful wild trout in Alaska.

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These Glow Fishing Beads are designed to attract more fish to your line. This is an excellent accessory for anyone that builds and wants to add some extra colour to their own traces or rigs. These fishing beads are especially useful in deep or murky waters, where the energy stored from exposure to light above the surface is emitted in a glow effect beneath the surface in the darker depths - great fish attractant quality!

Why fish bite beads: Alsbury, the biologist, agrees it's probably a natural instinct for a steelhead to suck in what it believes to be a single egg; a learned feeding reaction from growing up in rivers before heading to sea.