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Fishing’s most bizarre and gripping calamities compiled into a new fishing book
Fishing is great when it goes well, but it proves a much more interesting subject when it all goes wrong. Disastrous game fishing, unlikely catches, pranks on the water, devastating miscalculations, and unexpected fish attacks are just some of the themes of the nonfiction stories compiled here by Tyler McMahon and Paul Diamond. As fishing books go, this one is worthwhile.

As any angler knows, there isn’t much that’s better than being on the water or trekking through the woods to your favourite fishing hole. However, for those moments when you can’t actually be doing what you love, why not get hooked on these great reads? Whether you are a dedicated enthusiast or a weekend hobbyist; deep sea or sweet water; lake or river fisherman, you will want to take a look at our list of the 10… make that 15 best fishing books available on the market today. This list has it all – from the philosophical, to the , to the most practical how-to guides – there is something for everyone here. As you can probably capture from the title, we started out intending to write a top 10 list; but there are so many wonderful fishing books on the market – each with its own unique value and perspective – that we had to expand the list to add 5 more.

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Fly Fishing Books | Stonefly Press

Genre: Nonfiction, Fishing books
Edited by: Tyler McMahon and Paul Diamond
Publisher: Casagrande Press, Inc
Publication Date: November 3, 2008
Paperback: 204 Pages
Size: 6” X 9”

Leave it to Field & Stream to put together the most practical, utilitarian, and downright essential guide to the sport of fishing as we know it today. From babbling brooks to open ocean, this guide helps novice and advanced fisherman alike to get the most out of their gear. Well-illustrated and logically laid out, this really is a great how-to book, which has one noble purpose: to help you catch more fish! Covering everything (ok, technically 317 things) a fisherman needs to know – lures, baits, flies, tackle and equipment of all kinds, strategies, technique, locations, etc – this is one of the most comprehensive fishing books ever published.