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Are you tired of the usual method of fishing? If you are, you should try the exciting sport of bowfishing! With bowfishing bows, you quietly stalk your prey and then harpoon them using a special arrow. This kind of fishing is a lot more dynamic, and exciting than regular fishing, so this is why a lot of people are now getting their own bowfishing bows and starting to shoot arrows through their prey.

The AMS BowFishing Fish Hawk is the Best-Selling, Most Versatile, User-Friendly Bowfishing Bow on the Market! The Fish Hawk line of bowfishing bows, by AMS Bowfishing have proven themselves on millions of fish! This AMS Fish Hawk features a blue Koi Carp Camo pattern. The Bow Kit includes our AMS Retriever Pro Series Reel!

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Bowfishers loved when we made a dedicated Discovery™ Bowfishing compound bow, and why wouldn’t you? It features a light, compact design, a constant draw weight of 29 or 40 lbs., and an economical price that makes it ideal for reeling in the big ones on a budget.

As soon as you have perfected the art of using your bow fishing hunting bows, it is now time to go fishing. Exactly what kinds of fish can you actually catch when hunting? This all relies on the water that you are fishing in. Obviously, one of the most common bow fishing grounds is at rivers. The actual most common fishes that are to be hunted include various species of carps and catfishes. These types of fishes have weights varying from 5 to 20 kilograms, and are going to be terrific catches if you are going to hit them. Nevertheless, you should take note that just like bow hunting on land, there are certain fishes which are restrained from being hunted. You can ask around if you are not very sure what these fishes are.

Within most places, you can truly use your own bow fishing hunting bows all year round. Nevertheless, fish are more plenty throughout the warm months as this is the time that they are closer to the surface simply because they are looking for food. Nevertheless, keep in mind that there are rules to be followed with regard to fishing. Not only there are restricted fishes that are not allowed to be hunted, nevertheless also you are only permitted to catch a certain quantity of fish in a given day in order to preserve their numbers in the wild.