Parker Stingray Bow Fishing Crossbow



Parker StingRay Bowfishing Crossbow ..

There are different types of crossbow. Here we will talk about fishing crossbow. This 100 lb. mix fishing crossbow rifle with security comes with a fisherman’s kit that is utilized for crossbow fishing. This is an outstanding crossbow for the outdoorsman.

Easy cocking stock builds it simple to load & the included 4X20 scope makes aiming a wind. These fishing crossbows have a reel attached between the arrow & the front end of the crossbow to permit you to with no trouble pull in your catch.

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Matt Tests the Fishing Crossbow - Country Bucks - A&E

Set your sights on a new fishing experience! This ParkerTM Stingray gets you into the game with everything you need. No converting required, it comes with its own line, bowfishing bolt and premounted retriever system. And even a 4 reticle Scope for pin-pointing those rough fish with laser precision!Stingray Fishing Crossbow: Multi-Reticle Reflex Sight:

As in recreational fishing, crossbow fishing has many options. Choose the type of crossbow appropriate for you. Choose the line out of many options that will suit you current fishing needs. The arrows differ depending on what type of fish you are pursuing. Once you have your equipment ready, seek out the water you wish to try fishing in. Get ready to enjoy a challenge, and score your first fish while crossbow fishing.