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You’re never too young or old to have a blast catching fish with floats. But remember, despite the simplicity of bobber fishing, there are always a few ways to maximize the effectiveness of any presentation. Go get yourself an assortment of bobber styles, shapes and sizes and experiment with them this summer. You’ll be glad you did.

Usually by mid-November, most salmon have completed spawning. The abundance of eggs and spawned-out carcasses in rivers usually leads to the emergence of coastal cutthroat trout and bull trout. These trout and char, either anadromous or resident fish, are opportunistic predators which feed on loose eggs and salmon carcasses – and the more abundant these food sources are, the more aggressive these fish are. These fish are often found behind spawning salmon that are still depositing eggs in small side channels. The most effective lure is a trout bead drifted under a fishing float, or fished on its own with a fly rod. Matching the size and colour of your beads to the salmon eggs present in the system can make a big difference on your catch results. Unlike salmon, the timing of bites is not limited to early in the morning or late in the afternoon for these fish – as long as food is available, they will actively strike similar presentations that drift by them.

Japanese Glass Fishing Floats found on Aleutian Islands

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Glass Fishing Floats Vintage Collectible – photo lightinawormhole

You can still catch fresh-from-the-ocean coho and chum salmon as late as the first or second week of December. Normally chum salmon are quite coloured by the time they are caught in rivers, but some are still quite bright, even when caught in late November. A marabou jig tipped with a piece of shrimp, and drift-fished under a fishing float, seems to be the way to catch these fish. If you are lucky, you might even connect with an early-winter steelhead.

The traditional stationary catfishing bobber rig is probably one of the first styles of rigs people will use when first starting to fish for catfish or any fish that matter mainly because of the simplicity and the popularity the rig has gained over the years as it’s been depicted to generations in numerous books and TV shows from Huck Finn to the Andy Griffith show.

Truth be known, this is probably the first rig that we all used in our first fishing experiences. The vision of a little fella wearing bib overalls sporting a straw hat, sitting on the edge of a dock with a can of worms and cane pole with red fishing bobber in hand is virtually everywhere. It’s truly an American symbol of good times and lazy days.
This the rig will catch catfish in certain situations, it’s generally considered a novice rig and is better suited rig for pan fish however there are modified versions of the catfishing float rig that catfish anglers will use with great success.