Fish Gigs Spear or Fishing Gig Hand Forged by Don Baker

Eagle Claw Fish 5 Prong Spear


Fishing Gig Fork Trident Harpoon Spearfishing Spear

Gig's are in the same category as spear guns so the apply to Gigs - it is OK to use a gig to catch a fish as long as it is not on the can't spearfish list and you are not allowed to gig in Collier or Monroe Counties. You may NOT spear, bowfish or gig: in Volusia County inland waters with the exception of Flounder and Sheepshead using a spear with three or fewer prongs. Always inquire locally as to the rules to stay out of trouble. See for the rules.

Below are highlighted several ways you can use the general information gleaned from the sources above to hone in on the hotspots for flounder fishing and gigging .

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01.Stainless Steel Fish Gig
02.Stainless Steel Fish Gig w/ 8' Pole
03.12' Aluminum Fish Gig Pole
04.Complete Large Spear w/ 12' Pole
05.Large Fish Gig
06.Stainless Steel Fish Gig w/ 12' Pole
07.Steel Fish Gig

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I quickly ushered him into my office and showed him a fine hand-forged fish gig made by a now-deceased blacksmith in Doniphan, Mo. The gig is mounted on a St. Joe Lead Company dynamite tamping pole (as was often lifted from the mining operations and put into duty as gig poles in this region in past decades). Then I showed him a factory-made frog gig and explained the difference between the two. I followed up by showing him snapshots from past gigging outings, and we discussed the virtues of hogsuckers as a frying fish.

What’s needed most is a good week of lows hovering around zero and highs in the teens to build-up a solid base of ice. Waiting on ice is just part of the ice fishing gig but it’s made me so stir crazy I decide to craft a poem.