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50pcs (10bags) 4.5*37mm Float Glow Stick Night Fishing Green Fluorescent Light


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Manufactured by luminasa these are the smallest fishing glow sticks we stock. Visible from 15 Metres away. Supplied retail boxed. Each box contains 50 foil wrappers and each foil contains 2 - 2.9mm x 23mm red glow sticks. Also in each foil contains a plastic tube float coneector. These are exactly the same as the SL5 starlite just manufactured for the japanese market

Deluxe individuallly wrapped fishing glow stick made by highly professional manufacturer.

Glowing for a hours, these fishing glow sticks will be tripping the light fantastic long after you’ve
called it a night.

Small fishing glow sticks, glow fishing float for blue water, medium glow fishing floats, All glow sticks are safe and CE approved. We can adjust the products according to your request! OEM are welcome!

Fishing Float (F4539) - China Glow Fishing Float, Fishing Glow Sticks

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