FIG. 1 is a plan view of the fishing jigger on a fishing rod;

FIG. 2 is an enlarged portion of the fishing jigger seen in FIG. 1;

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shows the automatic fishing jigger of the present invention in the hook setting position. As the fishing jigger transitions from one of the jigging positions to the hook setting position, the fishing line and connected hook are pulled upward with force. This upward movement is preferably sufficient to result in setting the hook in a fish (not numbered). When the latch releases from the catch , the arm with operatively connected weight is thrust downward by the force of gravity. This rotates the rotatable member , the connected rod and fishing line . The fishing rod can then be removed from the straps so that a fisherperson can reel in the fish. The downward force applied to the fish must be sufficient to rotate the rotatable member such that the stop A hits the arm hard enough to dislatch the latch from the catch . shows how the stop A is brought in contact with the arm . In a normal oscillating position, the arm rotates with the rotatable member but without extending past the stop A or the stop B. When the arm swings downward in a hook setting position, it can swing no further downward than when the stop B contacts the stop .

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The present invention contemplates numerous variations. For example, the adjustable weight of the fishing jigger of the present invention can take on other forms or physical configurations. Preferably, the weight is adjustable in the most convenient manner possible. For example, the adjustable weight could be configured such as merely screwing a screw allows the weight to be adjusted. Another variation contemplated by the present invention is that a mercury switch can be used to switch the automatic jigger off and on. For example, a mercury switch can be mounted on the rotatable member or on the arm such that when the fishing jigger is in a hook setting position, the automatic jigger is turned off.

Referring to , a rear view of the automatic fishing jigger is shown. An arm is pivotally attached at pivot to the base . A latch mechanism is pivotally connected to the arm at pivot . The latch is releasably attached to a catch . When sufficient downward force is applied to the line , such as occurs when a fish strikes, the rotatable member is rotated accordingly with enough force that the latch is released from the catch . Once this occurs, the adjustable mass and arm swing downward as this weight is no longer being supported at the latch and catch connection.