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Use a fishing log to keep track of your fishing memories

As you can see, a fishing log can provide valuable insight into your fishing habits, your goals and achievements, as well as being a great predictor for future success. Give fishing logs a whirl this season — there's no better way to take your angling to the next level.

Patterning gives you an edge when it comes to fishing, and the best way to achieve a pattern is by virtue of a fishing log. Tournament anglers swear by patterning, and keeping logs is mandatory for most, if not all of these guys.

Written Record – Printable Fishing Log

 Lv. 15   Fishing Log: The Mirror
Central Shroud - Bentbranch - The Mirror (26-28) (Freshwater)
Fishing Log

Central Shroud Fishing Logs
Fishing Log: Everschade
Fishing Log: Haukke Manor (Landmark)
Fishing Log: Hopeseed Pond
Fishing Log: The Vein

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Once you have spent a full season completing a fishing log, similarities will begin to shine through in multiple entries. For instance, when the wind is blowing from the north and it is raining while fishing "Lake X," the walleye always smacked perched-colored off of "Point A." With this knowledge in hand, predictions can be made for subsequent trips when the parameters come together. This can help you duplicate your past successes, giving you another productive day on the water.

There are many free fishing log templates, as well as programs, that can be downloaded or printed off of the Internet. A search for "Fishing Logs" will bring you to those.