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CMS Magnetics 173 Pound Holding Power Neodymium Cup Magnet with Eyebolt


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HRM-R100 / 100 Lb. Pull Retrieving Magnet Lost Fishing Gear Scrap Metal and Nail Retriever, Strong Pull Retrieval Recovery Magnet, Fishing Magnets, Retrieval Magnets Magnetic pull:100 lbs. Overall dimensions: 4-1/8″ Length x 3-1/4″ High x 1″ Wide This retrieving magnet features a threaded hold and screw-in ring, so you can attach your own choice of line. Or […]

The best technique is to throw the fishing magnet in and pull it back, so that it collects items as it moves. You can also throw it in and walk it in one direction to cover other areas. Also, the type of magnet that you use matters. are more powerful, but they will rust and corrode with exposure to water. Purchasing coated magnets or coating magnets to prevent water corrosion will extend the life of a .

Fish Magnet's Lodging is among the finest on the Kenai.

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operations No assembly is required other than selecting the desired shoe and installing it on the lower end of the magnet assembly. Make up the magnet assembly to the bottom of the fishing string. Run in the hole, and hold the magnet 6 to 12 inches above the fish. Circulate generously to wash away cuttings. Reduce circulation, lower the magnet to the fish, and rotate slightly to obtain good contact. Cut off circulation and lift the magnet from the hole.
Features The fishing magnet is constructed from steel specially selected for its ability to conduct the necessary magneto-motive forces. The magnet element is one of the most powerful permanent magnets available. Used properly, it will never lose its charge. A variety of shoes are available to accommodate any retrieval situation. Caution: Magnets are charged while in the assembled state and should not be disassembled. Disassembly is dangerous and can cause serious injury due to the extreme forces generated by the magnet element.

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This year the group made fishing rods and fish with magnets attached to the end. Each toy set this year also comes with Doctor Seuss' 'One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish' children's book.

Zazzle's Fishing refrigerator magnets are a great way to add some fun personality to your home or office. Browse through the several shape and size choices we offer, along with all of the wonderful images and photos our designer community has put together. With so many different possible combinations of size, shape, and design you have an almost endless assortment of Fishing fridge magnets to shop through! Get some for yourself, or purchase a bunch as fun gifts for friends and family.