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Fishing minnows weightless for Slab Crappie

Bobber rigs are probably the most common rig to use when fishing with minnows. You can also use them with . They give you control of depth and allow you to easily see if you get a bite. Use a 1/8th oz. split shot sinker 6”-24” above an appropriate sized hook. Attach a fixed or slip type bobber at the depth you are fishing. It’s good practice to start shallower first and work your way deeper due to .

Crappie fishing with minnows is a technique every crappie fisher must know. Time after time they are the go-to when jigs just aren’t working. After all, a large portion of adult crappie’s diets consist of small fish…So why not use what they actually eat? Here’s all you need to know to buy, store, and use minnows to catch crappie.

Trout Fishing with minnows using the Gopro

Crappie fishing with minnows in Texas

Minnows are small fish and people raise them at their home aquariums or water tanks for various purposes. Many people breed minnows as a hobby while many make it their business. There are also many fishermen who use minnows for bait and catch fish in the sea or river. These fishermen breed minnows in large quantity at their home aquariums that fulfils their purpose of using these minnows as baits for trapping big fish. However, breeding minnows require certain things that need your attention if you want to breed minnows for bait.

HI Brian, Closing off the outlet would be a bad idea unless you have another way for excess water to leave the pond. Such as an overflow pipe or an emergency spillway. Yes some fish and minnows could get washed out or swim out but holding back the water could cause more problems.
for the minnows would be the better approach, like what you are thinking about with the pallets. Stack up 5 or six high and wrap them with the plastic snow fencing to limit the size of predator fish that could swim between the openings.
We’ve also been able to retain the minnow population our ponds with added plants. Mostly around the edges and shallows so that we can keep an eye on the plants and keep them under control so they don’t spread out too far. Along with fall cut back or removing some of the plants by the roots. The plants give the smaller fry and minnows a better place to seek shelter between the stems and dense plant growth. A couple plants I like to use i the and and cattails do great too but really need to keep an eye on them.