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Watch this ice fishing music video and get some advice on using a tip up and some tips about how to pass the time on the ice, all while laughing your ass off.

Heck, some of them might be your favorite songs of all time. And yes, we have songs in here from quite a few different decades as well, so multiple generations of anglers should enjoy these fishing music videos.

Fishing stock music and background music ..

Red fish listenig music
Red fish listenig music
Red fishes listenig music

The Fishing Music Band - Planer Bobber

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With a varied taste in music ranging from Sinatra & Elvis to KISS I have no problem expressing my opinion when it comes to music. This Christmas I received a CD from my brother in law in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Richard a very keen fisherman and former guide (raised by trout not parents like his sister) gave me a copy of "Fishing Music" a 16 track album produced by Ben Winship and David Thompson in Idaho under the branding of Snake River Records. Billed on the CD jacket as "a spirited mix of songs and tunes inspired by fish, fishing, and rivers, performed by some of the country's finest acoustic musicans" and "a collection of acoustic folk ,blues & swing " it lives up to its claim. Just like the river (The Snake) this album winds a beautiful clear crisp flowing sound as it trickles down the wires and out of the speakers. No shit here guys this album is a ripper and although I thought the intial song titles seemed a little corny and it took a little getting used to when hearing flyfishing terms sung in the lyrics, it's bloody good. One or two tracks are not exactly my style" Deep River Blues" for instance repeats a bit much for me. However tracks such as "Fish aint Biting" and "The Important Part of Fishing" keep me coming back for more. This one was loaded in the itunes and uploaded to ipod before I could finish unwrapping the rest of my Christmas booty. This album is perfect for that pre or post drive to or from your favorite fishing hole. It might also be the perfect companion to a bottle of red, a fly tying session or just kicking back around the fire place with the Dish Licker (dog for you yanks) at your feet and the Cheese and Kisses (Misses) at your side. As Molly says (Molly is a Aussie Music critic icon) "Do yourself a favour and have a listen to this album".