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FishinginNewZealand is a New Zealand-based company, owned and operated by New Zealanders who have one goal in mind: To deliver unique and memorable experiences that include and transcend the thrills of New Zealand river fishing.

Come and join us - you'll thrill to a backdrop of towering snow-clad mountains, sheer valleys and vast flood plains through which braided rivers twist. Take a tour through our pages to discover what fishing in New Zealand is all about - and how Spry Fly New Zealand can make it all a reality for you.

Fly Fishing New Zealand | NZ Trout Fishing

  • Guide: First timers will waste serious time and money if they do not hire a qualified guide for their first two days on the water. Rates run between $550 and $800 NZD per day. You can try haggling, but don’t count on a discount remember this when trying to check in to a motel, too). Some guides negotiate, especially if you book more than one day, they will also provide gear on loan for the rest of your trip just for the asking. Ca: $1,500.
    A qualified guide will do four high value things for you: 1. Teach you how (or enhance your ability) to read water and spot fish. Sight fishing is almost 90 percent of trout fishing in New Zealand, and let’s face it, you’re going because you want a shot at truly big fish in gin clear water, 2. Take you places you’d likely not find that are less likely to have been heavily fished, 3. Provide tips on other locations (though certainly not their most sacred places) that you would be unlikely to find elsewhere, and 4. Help you out in a jam even when you’re not with them.

    Be realistic about your expectations. My very first day on the water in 2008 under my guide’s direction was epic. I hooked a dozen fish and landed nine on water that had not been fished in many days. That is well above the norm. On the last day of the same trip, under the supervision of another qualified guide, I got shutout, most likely because we encountered two anglers walking back downstream halfway through our journey up. File under: Shit Happens.

    Be honest with your guide about what you want to do and your true capabilities.

  • Fly Fish New Zealand | New Zealand trout fly fishing

    Fly fishing New Zealand for trout is a great way to see our country and Trout fishing around Taupo is world renown. We fly fish a variety of waters and know which is fishing well. If you have never been fly fishing for trout before or have years of trout fly fishing experience we can tailor the perfect day fly fishing in New Zealand for you.

    Dear Andrew

    Thank you so much for your time and patience in teaching us fly fishing in New Zealand's beautiful North Island.

    From the get-go we felt very comfortable with you as our guide and though we had never been fly fishing for trout before, you made it seem easy. With your fantastic knowledge of New Zealand's North Island we were awestruck by the number and size of the trout.

    A 5 & 6 pound brown trout each and then 3 more rainbow trout by the end of the day! Still telling our friends how fantastic the whole experience was and how good we are at fly fishing! We'll definitely be back for more, you've got Adam hooked (he's bought a salt water fly fishing rod & reel), he's practicing in Oz on our salt water rivers to perfect his fly casting technique for our next fly fishing trip to New Zealand's North Island.

    Kind regards,
    Adam & Llew Dowley