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Fishing, The Fisherman's Journal - Kraft Hard Cover (prompts on every page, recycled paper, read and more)


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Unravelling these mysteries, and attempting to making sense of it all, is one of the many aspects of fly fishing that most of us adore. And it’s a well-kept fly fishing notebook that can prove one of your most invaluable tools in doing so. With a little commitment, putting pen to paper will certainly assist you in the process of filtering the useful from pure hearsay, articulating your first-hand experiences, and ultimately developing a more effective approach to catching trout.

I’ve laid bare some pages from mine in the photo gallery above. If you want to see the images in a little more detail, enlarge the slideshow for a detailed nose around. I’d love to see photos of your fishing notebook if you’re in the sharing mood, so please feel free to photo reply.

Bedfont Lakes Country Park - A Fishing Notebook

Fishing Notebook by Gold Bass Productions

Alongside extolling the virtues of keeping a fly fishing notebook, I want to use this as an opportunity to share some simple tips that could help you get the most from yours.

The deer crossing is jotted down in my fishing notebook as a potential archery hunting spot, the butterfly photo can be enjoyed over and over, and the wildflower will hopefully be identified by using a field guide after I return home.