Fishing Pond gets long awaited fill-up from Mother Nature!

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My Fishing Pond Inc., where a small pond brings big smiles.

Many a memory has been created when father and daughter, or father and son have caught their first fish while fishing at Pinezanita RV Park and Campground. While Pinezanita is not a world-class fishing location, several generations of fishermen have created and enhanced family traditions along its edges. The pond is strictly for fishing (sorry, swimming is not allowed) and we keep the pond regularly stocked with blue gill and catfish. The pond covers about an acre and a half and is surrounded by trees. The color of the water is red like the clay soil that is rich in iron. The color has been greenish-red at times, but on the whole it is “muddy” colored and never clear due to the clay suspension in the water that never “settles out”. Several prime tent camping sites overlook the pond. Fishing is permitted with a small fee. Assorted tackle and bait can be found at Pinezanita’s Registration Office for catching even the shyest of fish. To assure a quality experience at the Fishing Pond, we require an adult to accompany children under 12 years of age. Pets are welcome as long as they are quiet and remain on a leash an out of the water.

When fishing a small pond, tactics lend themselves to the finesse approach -- innertube floats, canoes, kayaks, two-man plastic pontoons, even a pair of waders.
Mini-boats come in handy when a pond's perimeter has been ringed with vegetation, which is almost always the case. How many times have you walked as close to the shoreline as possible, and cast blindly to the middle? Maybe it was the only way to reach open water. Chances are, you were casting away from the best fish habitat, rather than to it. Worse, you wound up stripping moss from your hooks, like peeling a stringy, green banana.
Next time you fish a pond, rather than lumbering up to the water like a thirsty Neanderthal, ease out beyond the vegetation.
Bass, like deer, are "edge" animals, so cast parallel to the weed line.
Focus on the Mepps-style in-line spinners and the Beatle Spin spinner-jig combinations that weigh one-eighth ounce or less. Check your tackle shop for the life-like miniature crickets, crawfish and minnows. These lures float, then dive 6- to 18-inches on retrieve.
For plastic worms, skip the 8- and 10-inchers in favor of four-inch models. Rig them Texas-style, with a hook forced back into the worm. No slip sinker. Pinch a single BB-sized split shot to the line, six inches above the bait. These tasty little baits may weigh a fraction of an ounce and look fragile, but they tend to generate more strikes.

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    Some pond owners like to stock fathead minnows (1,000 per acre) as a forage fish in channel catfish ponds. These minnows are quickly eliminated if stocked with bass.
    In some ponds if the mountain regions of South Carolina rainbow trout will survive in ponds during late autumn and winter. They should be stocked when water temperatures are below 65° F (usually mid to late October). Fingerlings (7-9 inches long) feed on insect larvae, small sunfish, or minnows, and they grow rapidly. Trout readily accept commercial feeds and may reach one pound by April if offered a trout chow. Rainbow trout die when water temperatures reach 70-72° F in April or May.

    We were finally rewarded with some decent rainfall this winter and the fishing pond filled up enough and even ran over! The level has gone down some because the soil was so dry from 5 years worth of demoralizing drought, but we were able to stock some fish this week in preparation for this year’s camping season so bring your fishing gear and enjoy!!