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Ava Balderrama's Free Fishing Day poster

That determination paid off as her entry of anglers at Lake Tahoe was named the winner in this year's contest. Her artwork will be featured on the 2013 Free Fishing Day poster promoting Free Fishing Day and will also be in the 2014-15 Nevada Fishing Guide magazine.

This year's theme for the Nevada Free Fishing Day Poster Contest was "Wishing I Was Fishing." A total of 290 entrants from 43 classrooms statewide participated in this year's contest.

Ava Balderrama's Free Fishing Day poster

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    Sierra Nevada Small Stream…the latest installment of the Fly Fishing Travel Poster Series for Leland Fly Fishing. Each poster celebrates a particular destination and serves as a promotion for a specific Leland fly rod model. Framed posters are available for purchase here: . Unframed posters can be ordered through me directly. Please drop me a note if you need assistance or have questions: .

    New Zealand vintage fly fishing poster. This poster is a popular gift for the NZ fishing fan! The poster was originally issued by the NZ Government Tourism Department in 1936 and was designed by Maurice Poulton (1909 - 1983). The text on the poster reads "For the world's best sport, New Zealand". Famous American writer and keen fisherman Zane Grey called New Zealand "The Angler's Eldorado" and trout fishing was one of the prime reasons for many tourists to travel to New Zealand from the early 20th century. The original vintage poster has been reproduced close to the original size using extremely lightfast inks printed on antique style paper.